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Who we are

Tell us and we shall find you a way.

Conceived & established, Healing Stone has managed to provide effective healing services to more than 1500 individuals who were in need of positive energy & crystal therapy Dr. Sameen Islam, is shining with her team to provide state of Art Healing and counseling services that promise to be both authentic and affordable for people in a time of financial restraints around the globe.

Healing Stone provides its clients with authentic crystals, therapy sessions, and counseling sessions all in one place. Follow-up appointments are specially discounted for client’s convenience and despite being highly professional and qualified, our prices are very reasonable as always.

Mission Statement

Healing stone was designed to help people restore positive energy through crystal, meditation, and counseling with a team that has been working to provide quality healing with minimal visits/appointments, nominal charges, and authenticity of crystals (With certified Stones)


Our Mission/Vission

To use the ancient art of Medical Astrology and crystal therapy to combine with allopathic medicine and remove negative energy from the likes of people in their affordable means. Whether it be astrological, crystal, psychological, or emotional healing, we are the only ones pioneering allopathic medical therapy and alternative medicine to heal our patients and our society.

May All helps us with our unique goal to bring peace to our people and the world! Aameen!

Why Choose Us

You may be wondering if alternate medicine is not a substitute for allopathic medicine then Why use it? Well, allopathic medicine at times does not have all the answers to our questions or all the solutions to our problems. Every problem has 4 phase solutions. As energy healing and crystal therapy are concerned, it proves to be helpful in phases i, iii, and iv.

Since all mass energy, crystal energy is used to heal the disruption in energy that causes physical and/or psychological disease. We are the only company offering these services to local and international clients at affordable prices.

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